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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Changes Treatment and Recovery Center as a source of healing and support for you or a loved one.

At Changes Treatment and Recovery Center, we believe chemical dependency is a progressive disease affecting a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to work toward healthy living and recovery from substance abuse. We believe in a total wellness concept that encompasses not only a person’s chemical dependency needs but also educational, social, mental, physical, and spiritual needs as well.

We understand that chemical dependency is a family illness and emphasis is placed on establishing a family system that is conducive to abstinence and health for all its members.

We believe each client and family possess a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the most effective recovery approach is individualized. Their recovery is based upon intensive therapy and daily meetings, group meetings, lectures and community support services that result in the utilization of the client’s strengths to work toward the goal of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

We base our program on the philosophy that recovery is achievable for all who seek it. Through medical monitoring, combined with group, individual, and family therapy, we hope to encourage personal growth. We encourage patients to accept responsibility for their recovery, and strengthen their self-esteem.

Successful treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions is rooted in the immersion of a group/community based program and solid counseling administered by a skilled, experienced, and empathic staff. Several of our staff members are in recovery and serve as role models to our clients proving that recovery is possible.

Most of all, we bring a family atmosphere and sense of caring to the treatment of every client. Here you will always find a source of support and strength on your journey to recovery.

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