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Treatment Centers In Nh

If you’re looking for reliable treatment centers in NH, Live Free Recovery Services has your back. At our facility, we promote fast healing and recovery from addiction through extensive therapy, detox, and recovery-focused programs. Our team of clinicians, counselors, and health professionals can handle any situation with professionalism, empathy, and an unbreakable desire to help.

What happens at a rehab center?

Many people avoid rehabilitation facilities because they fear the rehab process. It’s no secret that overcoming the withdrawal is not a walk in the park, but it’s necessary. While the rehabilitation treatment will involve some physical and psychological discomfort, it’s nowhere near as bad as most people believe. The treatment will take you through three or four main recovery stages:

  • Medical detox – Patients require detox in most cases to overcome the withdrawal phase safely and effectively. If your medical status is too volatile, we may recommend you to one of our referral partners for medical detox. The procedure will cleanse your body, remove the alcohol or drug residues from your system, and prepare you for rehab. The detox process will take place in an inpatient facility, where you will remain under professional observation throughout the treatment.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP follows inpatient programs and relies on several hours of treatment per day, three to five days weekly. You don’t need to spend nights at our center, allowing you to recover at home with the support of your family and loved ones. You will only come to our treatment centers in NH for therapy, relapse prevention, drug tests, and therapy groups.
  • Outpatient treatment – The outpatient program follows inpatient programs and PHP and relies on a less intense form of treatment. For several hours a week, you will engage in group therapies, individual counseling, addiction education, and personal development support for long-term sobriety. Outpatient programs are essential as they help patients attain a more balanced lifestyle and work on improving themselves every day.
  • Sober living – The Sober Living Program is an integrative approach that connects the rehab treatment and a sober lifestyle outside our facility. You will remain at our sober living homes throughout the treatment, participating in 12-step meetings, recreational activities, fitness sessions, vocational training, etc. This final stage will prepare you for social reintegration and provide you with the tools for a sober lifestyle over the years.

The importance of early rehab

The sooner you begin the rehabilitation treatment, the easier it will be to overcome addiction, and the shorter the treatment. At our treatment centers in NH, we promote adopting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle to promote and sustain sobriety long-term. It is possible to defeat addiction for good, so long as you act fast before it aggravates.

At Live Free Recovery Services, we offer access to one of the most reliable recovery programs in the industry. We offer security, fast recovery, and long-lasting results for a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle for years to come. Contact us, and let’s discuss your treatment and payment options moving forward!

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Treatment Centers In Nh
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