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Changes Treatment Center


Wesley W.

My name is Wes I’m 35 years old from Connecticut!I started using and abusing drugs at 13 years old and after destroying all my relationships in my life and stealing from my wife and kids , losing every job I ever had and my drug dealers telling me I needed help. I decided it was worth a shot because I couldn’t stop use by myself I had tried everything literally everything!I was first introduced to changes in 2012 when they first opened but I wasn’t done and didn’t take any suggestions. I did 30 days went home and was high in hours! I then went back and went on the worst run in my life overdosing 7 times in 7months and literally wanting to die everyday that was enough for me to give it another shot and actually take some suggestions! When I went back to changes there was something different I actually wanted to stay clean and learn to live life without drugs! Changes helped me with that with there very educated staff people who have actually been through what I have not just somebody that learned about the Disease of addiction . With the help of everyone at changes I am coming up on 2years clean . I truly have the life I have always wanted ! I would like to say that I owe it all to Rob and Art and everyone at changes but Rob would just say I owe it to myself but they have a huge part in the life I have today I would definitely suggest Chances to any addict that has a disire to stop using and make something of your life !!