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Changes Treatment Center


Brandon M.

I grew up with my father as a cop and going to Catholic school. Started smoking weed around the age of 14. By time I was a sophomore in highschool I was doing every drug I could get my hands on more for the fun and at party's. I started taking pills regularly when I had hurt my back. my father was prescribed pain medication for a surgery and fell in love. By junior and senior year I did pills on a daily basis but did not yet know the consequences. By time I graduated and pills became too expensive, I turned to heroin and soon after began shooting it to get the full effect. I tried getting clean at 21 by going to rehab but it was only because of being caught and arrested so many times I just wanted to keep my parents off my back. I moved to Florida and began drinking Because "I wasn't alcoholic" but continued to drink on a daily basis. I moved back home and began shooting heroin again and was arrested a few months later. I once again went to rehab with the intent to get my parents off my back and just do exactly what I did last time because obviously I have a problem with heroin. I chose to go to changes treatment and recovery because it was a new rehab and I felt I could get away with more because I was always good at getting my way. After 30 days I asked to stay longer and was kept for an additional week. Changes felt like home and felt like family. I moved on to get a house with some friends who ended up relapsing but I kept myself busy by going to meetings and volunteering at changes on the weekends And days I didn't have work as a extra hand (really just to stay out of my house and be around people who were on the same path I was). I soon after began working at changes as a tech for almost 2 years before moving on to what I love to do working on yachts. without changes and the people involved in changes I would not be where I am today and would not have my family in my life or have the friends I call family today.
My clean date is Jan 21st 2013.


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