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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers New York

Withdrawal, consistent cravings, regular relapse – all these are clear indicators of contracting a substance addiction. If that’s the situation you’re in, we’ll be waiting for you at our Changes Treatment Center. We know how subtle and how dangerous substance addiction can become. You can’t take it lightly because that will be the last thing you’ll do.

We have some of the leading substance abuse treatment centers in New York waiting for you today. Here, we have developed one of the world’s most effective rehabilitation treatments that work for everybody. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to eliminate addiction and stabilize your condition in the long run.

This is where many rehab centers get it wrong by only using medication to fight addiction. And medication, although necessary, it does have its limitations. We go beyond that to ensure long-lasting benefits that will end up defining your life. Some of our procedures include:

Psychiatric and psychological recovery

Your mental state influences the recovery process tremendously. Substance addiction will affect your mental functioning, causing a variety of other problems along the way. It’s not uncommon to see victims of drug addiction becoming violent, apathetic, paranoiac, and develop depression or other issues.

We correct these problems and tendencies during the detoxification process, where our experts will use personalized medication plans. The next stage involves using psychotherapies meant to address the same problems further. With a more in-depth approach, we’ll be able to achieve better and more lasting results.

Emotional recovery and spiritual awakening

We address emotional trauma in all of our substance abuse treatment centers in New York. We believe this should be a turning point in any rehabilitation treatment because it is what usually lies at the foundation of the addictive behavior. Many people start using drugs or become alcoholics as a direct result of emotional traumas or because of lacking proper spiritual guidance.

Our faith-based programs, combined with consistent psychological support and therapeutic activities, will rectify these problems. You’ll become more open, positive, and confident, and you’ll gain all the inspiration and the mental boost you need to improve your life. It’s a critical aspect of a substance rehabilitation program, yet, many rehab institutions blatantly ignore.

Education and aftercare

We consider education as an integrative part of the rehabilitation. We have special counseling sessions you can take part in, both individually, in larger groups, or with your family members. The purpose is to highlight the long-term repercussions of addiction, understand how to avoid social triggers, and support you in adopting an improved lifestyle.

Our experts will also offer you critical knowledge on how to get a better job, and improve yourself as a person, both personally and professionally. We want to see you staying sober for the rest of your life because this is why we’re in this business in the first place – to save people’s lives.

Come to any of our substance abuse treatment centers in New York, and let’s begin the rehab procedure! Changes Treatment Center is your best chance at regaining your freedom.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers New York