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South Florida the Recovery Capital of the U.S.

South Florida

Getting clean and sober and maintaining sobriety is a precious gift you give yourself. Once you have acknowledged that you are powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself to take the first step toward your journey to recovery.

Would you prefer to put distance between you and the temptations surrounding your home base? South Florida Recovery Centers set the standards as the upper echelon of drug rehabilitation to become the Recovery Capital of the United States.

Addiction is not curable. It can only be managed. Even when you quit using…Even when you complete a recovery program…You can only do one day at a time. Recovery from addiction is a lifetime process.

Demographics of South Florida Recovery Centers

In what type environment would you feel most comfortable for your recovery from drugs and/or alcohol? Men suffering from alcohol addiction? A co-ed setting for men and women suffering from alcohol? LGBTQ facility? Family-friendly treatment process? Medical detox and therapy for prescription drug abuse? Women only?

With hundreds of cutting-edge South Florida Recovery Centers, you won’t have to settle for a less than desirable type of rehab facility, just because it’s close to home. Most of Florida’s alcohol and/or drug recovery centers are rooted in the 12-step credo, originated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

If your energy doesn’t resonate with religion-based recovery, check out South Florida Recovery Centers specializing in alternative therapies such as, evidence-based modalities, holistic therapy, SMART Recovery and more.

South Florida Recovery Centers Provide Time-Tested Therapies that Work

Those hundreds of treatment centers in South Florida wouldn’t matter a fig, if they aren’t effective. Take comfort that South Florida Recovery Centers provide time-tested alcohol and/or drug programs. Some even employ internal researchers that delve into recent breakthroughs in drug and/or alcohol treatment modalities and develop and test research-driven treatment options.

Focus on Individualized Drug/Alcohol Treatment Programs

Many South Florida Recovery Centers use a multidisciplinary method, which encompasses all areas of client care. Well-credentialed substance abuse counselors tailor treatment plans for each client according to their addiction type and particular needs. Clients participate in group sessions, one-on-one counseling and other therapies geared toward effective recovery.

What is the Florida Model of Treatment?

In the mid-1980s, South Florida Recovery Centers launched an innovative treatment model that emphasizes a “stepped down” methodology to encourage and support recovering substance abusers post-rehab.

Nothing about recovery is easy. It takes courage, commitment, professional help and a structured environment to get clean and sober. In the controlled environment of a rehab center professionals are always available to lend a helping hand. Not so, in the real world.

Using the Florida model, as the client advances, the intensity of treatment is “stepped down”, allowing him to incorporate the tools and coping skills she has learned to successfully transition into everyday life.

The Florida model of treatment has been adopted by recovery centers throughout the U.S. Some therapies the model includes are decision-making, good nutrition, building social skills and resolving conflicts.

Post-Rehab Opportunities Abound in South Florida

To a person fresh out of rehab, it likely seems as if South Florida opened her arms to embrace recovering substance abusers. The Recovery Capital of the U.S. South Florida has made huge efforts to remove the stigma attached to people in recovery, evidenced by “recovery communities” that keep popping up nearby rehab centers. Even South Florida business owners have stepped-up and are hiring people, post-rehab.

Final Words

The state itself is a huge drawing card for people who choose a South Florida Recovery Center. With average temperatures in the 70s, mostly sunny days and sandy beaches, what’s not to like about South Florida?