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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers In Massachusetts

Article provided by: Baystate Recovery Center

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers In Massachusetts

Although it may be scary to realize you're misusing alcohol, admitting and getting the help you need is the first step towards recovery. There are various routes to treatment and healing. Some individuals require medically-assisted detox to get rid of alcohol from their system safely, while others need behavioral treatment to change their responses. If you need assistance to address your relationship with alcohol, we are here for you.

At Baystate Recovery Center, we are one of the leading outpatient alcohol treatment centers in Massachusetts, thanks to our comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs, and quality of care. Recent research indicates that about 33 percent of the people in Massachusetts listed alcohol as their primary addiction. While we strive to bring down this figure by aiding those in need, we still remain committed to cater to every individual's needs based on the severity of their addiction.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

All the top Massachusetts rehabs understand that one of the best strategies in fighting alcohol addiction is determining the level of care every patient requires. Here’s an outline of the factors that make an individual a good candidate for outpatient treatment.

  • Level of Addiction

Different addiction levels require varying treatment approaches. If you search for ‘drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers near me’ in Massachusetts, the treatment facility you choose will need some background information to assess your level of addiction. Not all patients are fit for an outpatient program; some require admission, proper care, and structured treatment for at least a few weeks or even months.

  • You Admit You Need Help, but You Have Not Hit Rock Bottom

It’s best to seek help for an alcohol use disorder before a crisis develops. When you do so, you can be a good candidate for an outpatient program that offers a less restrictive environment.

  • You Have A Strong Support System

Suppose your close friends and family at home are well-informed about alcohol use disorder and are committed to offering all the accountability and assistance you need. In that case, outpatient therapy in one of the best Massachusetts detox and drug rehab centers can be a viable option for you.

  • You Have Young Kids

Are you determined to turn your life around for the sake of your little ones? Being a parent comes with its fair share of responsibilities that may make it difficult to go to an inpatient treatment facility. If you do not have a supportive family to take care of your children or you’re reluctant to leave them alone as you seek treatment, a Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab, and addiction treatment center can be a good alternative.

Who Isn't A Good Candidate for Outpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Are you battling a complicated, severe case of alcohol addiction, or have you attempted quitting before only to relapse? Or perhaps you do not have a safe environment and a strong support system? Then you are not a good candidate for an outpatient alcohol treatment program. The best option for you would be an inpatient program that provides round the clock care and treatment in a highly structured setting. This will increase your chances of successfully achieving lasting sobriety in a controlled, safe environment.

Here for You Every Step of The Way

We're known as one of the premier outpatient alcohol treatment centers in Massachusetts, and for good reason too. We are committed to assisting you to recover and find lasting recovery so that you can live a healthy, fulfilling life. To get the help you need, contact Baystate Recovery Center to speak with our addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance on (855) 88-SOBER.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers In Massachusetts
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