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Faythe Schweiger - Clinical Director
Faythe Schweiger
Clinical Director

Faythe Schweiger LMHC, QS, earned her under graduat degree in Family Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD in 1990. She went on to earn her Masters’ degree in Mental Health Counseling at Nova University, Davie, FL in 1993 and was licensed by the State of Florida in Mental Health, in 1996. Working in the Recovery field has given Faythe her increased knowledge of addiction, 12 step work, dual diagnosis, relapse prevention, and the importance of quality patient care at all treatment levels. Being a parent to 5 children, ages: 19,17,15,11 and 7, and having been married and divorced twice, has given Ms. Schweiger, real life experience that is unprecedented in the mental health industry.

Robert Buto - Patient Advocate
Robert Buto
Patient Advocate

Robert Buto holds what we believe is the most important position at Changes Treatment and Recovery as Patient Advocate. He has a deep sense of compassion and unconditional love for the suffering addict. The Buto family founded Changes to honor Rob's dedication to his recovery. The Butos also wanted to help other families find the path away from pain and drug use towards healing. On any given day at Changes, Rob is seen interacting with clients offering hope and helping them plan their futures. He is the heart and soul of Changes Treatment and Recovery Center.

Dr. Ira Fine, MD - Medical Director
Dr. Ira Fine, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Ira M. Fine is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been in private practice for more than 20 years.  He is adamant about treating patients with dignity and respect and educating families and the community that addiction is a disease not a moral shortcoming.

Dr. Fine believes there is a great need for more personalized medical attention, in today's hectic world. He has adopted an uncommon approach to the modern physician/patient relationship in the form of Personalized Medical Care (PMC).

He carefully manages each and every one of his patients with the individual care and attention they deserve. Dr. Fine maintains close affiliations with Delray Medical Center and Bethesda Memorial Hospital.  He personally treats every client at Changes and is up to date of cutting edge treatments for medical problems commonly associated with addiction.  Dr. Fine specializes in providing nutrition advice and non-narcotic pain management options to clients who need these additional services.

Samantha Felice - Claims Specialist
Samantha Felice
Claims Specialist

Samantha is the Claims Specialist at Changes Treatment and Recovery Center.  Samantha has been with Changes since our facility opened our doors.  She is highly dedicated to her own personal recovery, and is an integral part of the Changes Team. Samantha’s responsibilities include insurance verification, billing, claim processing, and payment of claims.  Samantha can answer any questions regarding claim processing or any questions you may have regarding correspondence from your insurance company.

Nelvis Tyrkas - Utilization Review
Nelvis Tyrkas
Utilization Review

Nelvis handles Changes’ Utilization Review process. She has 18 years of experience in medical reimbursement; she understands the medical review process and negotiates with insurance companies so our clients get the most coverage for treatment, utilizing their benefits on a case by case basis.  Nelvis is currently working on completing her Masters Degree in Psychology and will continue on to complete her Doctorate. Nelvis' passion is helping clients succeed in treatment and her greatest reward is seeing lives changed and families restored.

Diane Papantonio - Case Manager
Diane Papantonio
Case Manager

Diane is our Case Manager. She is personable and a dedicated employee who works directly with clients and advocates for them as well. She offers thoughtful, comprehensive and constructive feedback to staff members and the clients themselves. She shows the utmost level of professionalism supports the clients as they go through their treatment and recovery and is the clients’ point of contact for making their appointments and seeing to their needs. She coordinates all treatment activities with services provided to clients by other resources. She has established relationships with clients that still exist long after they are gone, clients love her, and she always has their best interest at heart.

Luis Luis - Housing Supervisor
Luis Luis
Housing Supervisor

Luis Luis is our Housing Supervisor. No, that is not a misprint his name is Luis Luis. He is responsible for keeping our clients comfortable, safe, and making sure their needs are met. Luis is a military veteran and received his degree from FIU.

Rachael Picone - Community Outreach Coordinator
Rachael Picone
Community Outreach Coordinator

Rachael is our Community Outreach Coordinator. She pursues, establishes, and maintains valuable relationships and shares important information about our program. Rachael works closely with families, patients, school counselors, community leaders and representatives, physicians, therapists, psychologists, colleges, hospitals, detox facilities, treatment centers, health care professionals, employer assistance program managers, and discharge planners. She also attends conventions and workshops. Rachael recently was promoted to Human Resource Coordinator as well. She has a strong work ethic and truly enjoys assisting clients and their families. She considers it an honor to be a part of their treatment and recovery journey.

Joseph Buto - Social Network/Outreach Coordinator
Joseph Buto
Social Network/Outreach Coordinator

Joseph Buto is Robert ‘s oldest son. Joe is responsible for Changes’ Social Network and works side by side with our Community Outreach Coordinator. Growing up in an addictive household, understanding how life was for an addict and then watching his father’s commitment to recovery and sobriety, his father’s compassion and dedication to saving lives, made Joe realize he wanted to join his father in his journey to fight this disease. Joe too is now passionate and committed to Changes and saving lives.

Joe is responsible for planning all activities for our Clients and getting involved with community functions, events, presentations and workshops in regard to drug and alcohol addiction.

He is also responsible for our Web Site content and other media related marketing initiatives.

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