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Metairie Treatment Center Reviews

Metairie Treatment Center Reviews

Metairie Treatment Center Reviews

Metairie, LA Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When someone is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction it can be difficult to seek the help they need to overcome their addiction. Admitting you have a problem and finding treatment is the best way to overcome your addiction. At Changes Treatment and Recovery Center, we have a great outpatient treatment program for those who are looking to get treatment but also still have responsibilities in their lives. Outpatient treatment can allow you to create a flexible recovery program that works around your schedule and also still helps you to get the help you need. If you’re looking for outpatient treatment in Metairie, LA contact Changes Treatment and Recovery today.

What are the benefits of Outpatient Treatment?

For those who are looking into outpatient treatment, it’s important to weigh the benefit of outpatient treatment and going into an inpatient treatment for your recovery. At a good outpatient treatment center, there are many programs that are offered to help you during your recovery. Some of the benefits of outpatient treatment include:

  • Flexibility- An outpatient treatment center allows you to continue living your daily life. You understand that you need treatment and help for your addiction, but you have commitments and need to keep living your daily life. An outpatient treatment center can be the perfect way to get help while also providing flexibility.
  • Family Involvement- We encourage you to allow your family to help you during your recovery. Having a strong support group can help you throughout your recovery. You may not be able to leave your family for an extended period of time for treatment, which is another reason why outpatient recovery can be a good option.
  • Affordable- Since you aren’t staying overnight as you would at an inpatient treatment center, outpatient treatment can be more affordable. Drug and alcohol treatment can be expensive and outpatient treatment can be a more affordable option compared to an inpatient treatment center.

Whether you’re looking to find an outpatient treatment center or an alternative treatment plan it’s important to take the first step and seek help. Don’t allow your addiction to continue and now is the time to get the help you need. Our team at Changes Treatment and Recovery is here to help you overcome your addiction in Metairie, LA. Call us today at (954) 990-7171 to get started on your path to recovery.

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Changed my life

I came to Changes Treatment and Recovery when I was 22. I was lost, broken, and scared honestly. I felt like I didn't fit in anywhere not even in my own home. My own family hated me and who I had become! When I got to Changes, One of the first people to great me was the owner Robert Buto and he told me he would love me until I loved myself! He didn't lie! Changes treatment and recovery saved my life. Taught me how to live again and have fun doing it. I learn how to be responsible and work and pay bills, save money, go on vacation, and most important I learned how to Smile again and Love myself. I found this inner peace! And then Changes treatment Center took my boyfriend in and scholarships him and gave him a chance a life! If it wasn't for Rob and Changes Treatment and Recovery I have no idea where I'd be right now! I'd like to thank them for everything they have done for me! I'm so Blessed today to have my Changes Family and feel apart of something!

Lauren  S.

Lauren S.

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