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Individual Counseling Louisville

Article provided by: Solutions Counseling Center

Individual Counseling Louisville

A person seeking addiction counseling in Louisville, to fully reintegrate into their daily life, should know that this is a process that requires different steps, which are mainly based on changing our habits to finally achieve a much healthier lifestyle, away from addictions and with the tools to not fall back into them.

Our counseling center in Louisville, KY, provides individual and group therapies, which consist of a psychological accompaniment that guides us to find the root of the problem that made us fall into addictions in the first place and to prevent them from affecting us again.

Although these two therapeutic approaches are well known, in our experience as one of the best centers for adult counseling in Louisville, we have found that there is still confusion about their differences. 

We are going to address these issues of individual and group therapy, what their differences are and what we can expect from each of them.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy in our Louisville center is a psychological accompaniment by a health professional. A circle of trust is opened between patient and therapist, who looks for solutions to the problems that the patient cannot define by himself.

In the case of addictions, the accompaniment is aimed at solving the root problems that subsequently led the patient to become involved in different types of addictions.

Generally, individual therapy is sought at least once a week. Still, in more specific cases, such as detoxification and rehabilitation, patients have access to their therapist daily to achieve a much more effective healing work.

Group therapy

On the other hand, group therapy consists of an activity in which a therapist accompanies different patients at the same time.

This dynamic allows patients to develop other types of skills that would be much more difficult to obtain and evaluate in individual therapy, such as the way in which we relate to other people, the ability we have to communicate effectively, the facility we have to understand others, and many more.

It is important to have these skills to achieve comprehensive rehabilitation, which will help us effectively face daily life challenges when we reintegrate into society.

Other types of therapy

In addition to individual or group therapy, some patients require other psychological support types, such as couple therapy or family therapy. And this is also taken care of by our team of therapists in Louisville, KY.

If this is the case, patients are given the space and the right therapist to begin the process of healing our environment, which can often be affected by the way we handle our personal relationships and the way we communicate with our loved ones.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from individual and group therapy for detoxification, or if you are interested in receiving information for yourself, we invite you to reach out to us!

When looking for an adult therapist near you in Louisville, you have to know that you will find everything you need to achieve comprehensive rehabilitation in our treatment center, which is not only based on simple abstinence. We have medical, psychological, and psychiatric staff available to assist patients.

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Individual Counseling Louisville