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Drug Rehab Virginia Beach

Article provided by: Safe Harbor Recovery Center

Your family and friends have been telling you for years that you need help. You now agree with them. You want to be free of drugs for good and all. The team at Safe Harbor Recovery Center is waiting for your call. Our drug rehab in Virginia Beach will create a customized treatment plan that helps you stay sober for good.

Causes of Addiction

Addiction has its roots in a couple of different things. Addiction is, first and foremost, a brain disease. The brain of an addicted individual works differently from that of a non-addict. In an addicted brain, the parts that receive pleasure have an enhanced reaction to the sensation produced by drug use.  It takes less time for their brain to crave the drug versus the brain of a non-addict.

Other things viewed as causes are genetic and environmental factors. People continually exposed to drugs and addiction are more susceptible to addiction. Some scientists also believe that addiction is hereditary. While there is no official addiction gene, studies show that addiction does run in families. That leads scientists to conclude there must be a genetic link similar to other diseases.

Questions to Ask Your Rehab Facility

Picking your rehab facility is one of the most significant decisions you make. There are many facilities out there, but not all are of good quality. Use the following questions to guide you when making your choice:

  • Are you accredited?
  • How do you handle a patient with addiction and other co-occurring disorders?
  • What is the “vibe” of your center?
  • Do you offer transitional programs after completion of an inpatient program?
  • Do you accept insurance?

Most of these have only one correct answer. If a facility is not accredited, you would do best to avoid it. You should do the same if it doesn't offer dual-diagnosis assistance or aftercare support. Any other answers are a red flag. Our drug rehab in Virginia Beach meet all of these crucial criteria.

The other questions aren't essential but are much more personal. The vibe of a facility is an individual choice. Some people want to see numerous activities, and others want a spa-like feel. Insurance is also more individual. If you are paying out-of-pocket, this doesn’t impact you. This pertains to those who need their insurance provider to pick up part of the bill for a program.

Does Rehab Even Work?

For many individuals, yes. Rehab was what they needed to recenter their lives and get sober.  There are, though, individuals who aren’t as lucky. There are many reasons why a person might relapse, including a lack of support at home or failure to continue therapy. But if an addicted individual fails to seek treatment of any kind, there is no chance of sobriety.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Safe Harbor Recovery Center to see what our drug rehab in Virginia Beach has to offer you. You have the power to overcome all obstacles and we're here to support you all the way.

Drug Rehab Virginia Beach
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