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Are you looking for the best couple’s treatment centers in New Jersey? We have the best therapies to help couples recover from substance addiction within the shortest time possible. Couples sometimes have tough times more so when suffering from substance addiction either drug or alcohol related. Building a family needs a strong foundation which can be a challenge when the couple is struggling with addiction. The first step toward recovery is for the couple to admit the situation and join hands towards fighting the condition. The majority of couple treatment centers offer outpatient treatment programs. There are inpatient services although many facilities find it challenging to accommodate couples. In many cases, couples prefer the outpatient program to enable them to take care of family responsibilities as they continue with medication.

What are the available therapies for couples?

Depending on the couple's choice they can either undergo inpatient or outpatient medication programs. Couples are handled differently since sometimes each partner might need a personalized treatment.

Inpatient addiction treatment for couples

If a couple decides to go for inpatient treatment, then they will have to stay together as they undergo group therapy and couple counseling programs. The program takes around a week, but counseling is done at least two times a week. Medical staff will then examine both of you and formulate the best-personalized medication plan. Salvaging couples with addiction is not an easy task since both have different levels of addiction. The counseling aims at enabling the couple to have a different experience with each other without the use of a substance. Couples are taken through the following therapies;

1. Behavioral Couples Therapy (BTC)
The BTC therapy aims at modifying the couple’s behavior using various techniques designed by therapists. Both partners will sign a recovery contract to declare their commitment to the course. A series of medical sessions with a licensed therapist will then be scheduled on a weekly basis together with counseling meetings.

2. Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy (ABCT)
This therapy works the same as the BTC; the only difference is that it targets the alcohol addicts. ABCT procedure helps in changing the couple's behavior and helps them abstain from taking alcohol through counseling and sessions with a certified therapist.

Outpatient couple treatment

The majority of the couples prefer this treatment method since it can be administered while they continue with normal activities. However, self-discipline and commitment from both parties will be vital since there are a lot of temptations. Abstaining from substance use while the parties are outside will need more than a commitment. The couple treatment centers in New Jersey will schedule for the most flexible personalized treatment plan and counseling sessions for both parties. Regular visits to the facility will be essential to monitor the couple’s progress as well as helping them recover.

We have the best medical staff that is willing to help the couples struggling with addiction. You can visit us at any time or call us at (888) 617-6459 for assistance. Our helpdesk is always available to respond to all the questions you have on couple treatment.

Couples Treatment Centers New Jersey