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Addiction Can Happen to the Best Families


Addiction does not discriminate. It can affect members of all socioeconomic groups and enthnicities and can occur in the wealthiest, most nurturing, most loving of families. For example, a compilation of data by National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, collected between 2009-2014 revealed that about one of eight kids or 8.7 million, lived with at […]

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The Opioid Epidemic is Taking Over America

Opiate Epidemic

  Who would have associated a field of fragile flowers with the root cause of the current opioid epidemic in America? Poppy flower seeds are the natural source of opium, which is thought to be the first pain medication. Morphine – a powerful pain medicine – is the main element of opium. Heroin – quickest acting – is derived from opium. Opioids are […]

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Visit the Top Florida Treatment Center today to achieve sobriety

Drug and alcohol addiction can impact people from all walks of life. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, seeking treatment is the first step on your path towards recovery. Changes Treatment and Recovery is a top Florida treatment center and offers many programs to help you achieve sobriety. We have a […]

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