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Relapse Prevention – Early Warning Signs and Coping Methods

Relapse Prevention Methods

So you’ve made a change. Now, how do you maintain it? How do you recognize when the chance for a relapse has increased? Making a change in your lifestyle isn’t any easy thing to do. Preventing relapse is critical for maintaining a sober lifestyle. One of the most important actions one can take while in […]

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Killing on Contact: What is Gray Death?

Gray Death

A new lethal drug known as “gray death” has been described as dangerous to even touch. Authorities are sounding alarm over the drug, which is a mixture that often contains heroin, synthetic opioids, fentanyl, and elephant tranquilizers. The exact combination can vary and like many drugs, not knowing what exactly is in it can be […]

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Cocaine vs. Meth: a Comparison

Cocaine vs Meth

Cocaine and meth (methamphetamines) are both classified as stimulants. This is due to similar behavioral and physiological effects. They both alter the level of dopamine in users, creating an increased sense of energy and elevated mood. They are also both extremely detrimental to the health of those who use. So, what is the difference between […]

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