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Alcohol Dependency: Is Outpatient Detox for You?


Going ‘cold turkey’ for alcoholism and sweating out the detox period (literally) on your own can be vicious. If you’d prefer not to participate in an inpatient detox program, consider an outpatient detox program. You’ll still get the benefits of on-going medical help. Whatever you decide, detox is the all-important first step toward sobriety. For […]

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Tips for a Successful Intervention


It is excruciating to observe your loved one spinning in negative space, due to an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Perhaps your heart-to-heart talks failed and your beloved ignored your half-hearted ultimatums. Don’t give up. Get proactive and stage an intervention. Rather than hoping the addict will ‘wake up’ if he gets arrested or gets […]

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South Florida the Recovery Capital of the U.S.

South Florida

Getting clean and sober and maintaining sobriety is a precious gift you give yourself. Once you have acknowledged that you are powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself to take the first step toward your journey to recovery. Would you prefer to put distance between you and the temptations […]

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