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Arizona Treatment Centers Substance Abuse

Article provided by: Scottsdale Recovery Center

Human beings have discovered that curiosity is one of life’s greatest skills. All animals manifest interest, humans included. It is in our nature, and it guides us to shed light on the world we are living in; it is, in a sense, a survival mechanism. We have used curiosity as a tool in fueling our thirst for knowledge. But, as we, at Scottsdale Recovery Center, know, open too many doors, and you may find the Devil behind one some day.

The Arizona treatment centers for substance abuse have been founded as an indirect result of people using curiosity for the wrong reasons. Although it can take us to some of the most uplifting heights of knowledge, it can also drag us into the darkest abysses, from which only a few ever return.

As shown by most statistics, the majority of the drug addicts going through rehabilitation programs will relapse soon after completion. The rate is generally higher with state-owned institutions, compared to the private ones, but extremely high in both cases anyway. In general, the numbers indicate that around 85%, sometimes closer to 90%, of the addicts, end up relapsing. In this situation, what is there to be done?

Breaking the handcuffs

Drugs and alcohol use disorders can be extremely debilitating. They attach the patient’s system methodically, destroying his body, his mind, his spirit and, ultimately, his dreams. The patient’s family will relegate him, his connections with his friends will break, he will lose his job, quit education and end up on a path of legal problems, with the two possible outcomes being prison or the coffin.

So, how do Arizona treatment centers for substance abuse deal with this problem? There are several stages, making the rehabilitation program one of the most effective on the market today. These include:

  • Intervention, diagnosis, medical detoxification – All these are part of stage one, where, preferably, family members and friends work together to bring the patient to the rehab, where clinicians will analyze his state and prescribe a treatment. Stage one is where the immediate withdrawal symptoms are being countered, using aggressive medication, part of which is meant to control the cravings and ease the rehab process.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Provided the patient suffers from mental disorders as well, aside from the substance addiction itself, the treatment will be personalized to fight both addiction and the psychological condition at the same time.
  • Behavioral therapies and psychological counseling – This stage is meant to remap the patient’s emotional and mental landscape. It is here where patients socialize with others in the same situation as them, form friendships and realize the extent of their problems.
  • Forming coping mechanisms and prevent relapse – With so many people relapsing shortly after the rehab program (and even during it), it is only natural to adopt such mechanisms. All Arizona treatment centers for substance abuse will adopt such techniques since they are essential to the program’s success.

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, our goal is to shape people’s way of viewing curiosity and remembering them that, sometimes, can work against us in ways from which we may never recover.

Arizona Treatment Centers Substance Abuse
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