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Changes Treatment Center


South Florida the Recovery Capital of the U.S.

South Florida

Getting clean and sober and maintaining sobriety is a precious gift you give yourself. Once you have acknowledged that you are powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself to take the first step toward your journey to recovery. Would you prefer to put distance between you and the temptations […]

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Relapse Prevention – Early Warning Signs and Coping Methods

Relapse Prevention Methods

So you’ve made a change. Now, how do you maintain it? How do you recognize when the chance for a relapse has increased? Making a change in your lifestyle isn’t any easy thing to do. Preventing relapse is critical for maintaining a sober lifestyle. One of the most important actions one can take while in […]

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Killing on Contact: What is Gray Death?

Gray Death

A new lethal drug known as “gray death” has been described as dangerous to even touch. Authorities are sounding alarm over the drug, which is a mixture that often contains heroin, synthetic opioids, fentanyl, and elephant tranquilizers. The exact combination can vary and like many drugs, not knowing what exactly is in it can be […]

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