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There is no question that the disease of drug and alcohol addiction is terribly destructive. Not only does it devastate the life of the drug addict or alcoholic, it also consumes the lives of family and friends. No matter how hopeless things may seem, there is a way out. Freedom from alcohol abuse and drug addiction is possible. Here at the drug and alcohol rehab centers we understand the pain of substance abuse and drug addiction. We also understand the path to freedom. Outpatient treatment centers are often necessary to start the process of recovery. Using the most effective methods of drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment available today, our substance abuse treatment center uses state-of-the art therapies during the drug and alcohol detox process. We offer cutting edge alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab centers that provide the best opportunity for successful addiction treatment and recovery. Our drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers are recognized nationwide as leading substance abuse treatment centers.

The staff at Changes Treatment and Recovery Center has years of experience dealing with addicts in recovery, both personally and professionally.


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Changes treatment and recovery Center, a center of excellence offering:

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Family Resources

When someone you love is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, the entire family suffers. With additional emotional and financial stress compounding an already complex problem, substance abuse complicates every family relationship. However, the experienced counselors at Changes Treatment & Recovery Center can help your family members find their way out of this often frightening maze safely. As a spouse, you may have lost respect for your drug-abusing partner, who can no longer exercise any self-discipline. As a child or teenager, you might feel terrified of an out-of-control alcoholic parent. In every drug- and alcohol-addiction situation, you simply feel sad and filled with despair. When living with a drug or alcohol addict, your own mental health may start to deteriorate. Frequently, you feel an intensified sense of emotional devastation. With increasing regularity, you completely dread spending time at home. Substance abuse alters the very fabric of family relationships. As a result, daily life at home often enters a state of crisis. Tempers flare quickly, and arguments often follow. When every day starts to feel like a nightmare, where can a family member of a substance abuser find answers? The programs at Changes Treatment & Recovery Center provide every husband, wife, brother, sister, son and daughter with all of the necessary resources. By providing an abundance of educational information as well as tips for coping during the rehabilitation and recovery process, the trained counselors at Changes Treatment & Recovery Center ease family members’ painful sense of isolation. With experienced counselors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Changes Treatment & Recovery Center helpline offers an easy way to connect with a professional quickly. Just a phone call away, these substance-abuse professionals personally understand the challenges that addicts face. Beyond offering personal and compassionate support, they provide specific ways to withstand current challenges.

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